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Really Good Cooking Games

really good cooking games

    good cooking
  • (The Good Cook) The Good Cook was a series of instructional cookbooks published by Time-Life Books and edited by cookbook author Richard Olney. Each volume was dedicated to a specific subject (such as meat or poultry) and was heavily illustrated with photos of cooking techniques.

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Day 174: Third day of camping - Gracie & Micah cook, while Sophie gives out some unsolicited advice...

Day 174: Third day of camping - Gracie & Micah cook, while Sophie gives out some unsolicited advice...

It was a somewhat lazy day around the campsite today. The weather was cloudy and threatening rain all day long. We took a nature hike, hung out at the campsite, played some games, read some books, and did some campfire cooking. After making our pie iron food for dinner in the fire, we finished off the meal with some crescent rolls.

These crescent roll toaster things are an all time favorite when we go camping. I can't remember their official name, but they taste really good! Sometimes we put a little cinnamon and sugar in them when they are done; other times we have even used a little bit of fruit jam. Mmmmmm, tasty!

Be Good

Be Good

As the sign reads:

John Jay Good

Mississippi native John Jay Good practiced law in Alabama before moving to Dallas in 1851. He married Susan Anna Floyd in 1854. Good was involved in early local and state government and was a charter member of the local Odd Fellows' Lodge in 1855. He served the Confederacy in the Civil War as a colonel of an artillery regiment. Good later became a district judge and was elected as mayor of Dallas in 1880.


really good cooking games

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