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Cooking turkey in rival roaster : Downloadable cooking academy.

Cooking Turkey In Rival Roaster

cooking turkey in rival roaster

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Triple Roaster

Triple Roaster

When one roaster just isn't enough.

Roasting for ourselves and friends, it is more convenient to roast multiple batches at once (~25 minutes) instead of waiting for multiple roast/cool cycles (~90 minutes).

We started home roasting about 6 years ago with very small (~3 oz) capacity roasters, tried several others, and finally settled on the Gene Cafe roaster which can do about 9 oz batches. One roasting session gives us about 1-1/2 lbs of coffe - about enough for us for a week.



Local spaghetti house La Gondola. I don't know who the original tenant was, but was occupied by a local pizza restaurant until 1997. Became a location of a Kenny Rogers Roasters for a few years until folding. Sign is from the Roasters days

cooking turkey in rival roaster

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